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Catie Hogan is a writer, entrepreneur, speaker, and a fierce financial literacy advocate. In 2016, Catie launched her own financial planning firm to assist Millennials who are looking to take control of their finances. When she's not creating financial plans, she contributes to various publications, and develops financial literacy curriculum that's both informative and fun.


Catie isn't your average personal finance expert. She leads a not-so-secret double life in comedy. Catie's work can be seen on McSweeney's, The Belladonna Comedy, Funny or Die, and many others. She's also a writer and performer with Sketchworks Comedy.


A while back, Catie had the weird idea to combine her financial literacy teachings with humor. Michelle Obama said it best: "First you get them to laugh, then you get them to listen." Since that time, Catie has had the opportunity to teach the fundamentals of personal finance in a humorous way through both her writing and speaking engagements. She takes a unique approach to financial literacy and adult education.


In August 2017, Catie released her debut book of essays titled The Millennial's Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together.


What Can Catie Do For You?


Looking for a guest contributor to your blog or publication? Catie is happy to help. She can write about personal finance topics, comedy, or her dog. 


Looking for a speaker for your conference or event? Catie has a few different presentations she can tailor to the needs of your event. She's also great at mingling during happy hours.

Other Appearances

Need a podcast guest? Someone to interview on your web series? A fun friend to bring to a holiday party? Catie loves parties.