My Favorite 2017 Holiday Gift Guides!

There are gift guides all over the internet. For me, none compare to the outlandish and outrageous suggestions of Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop guides. While I teach clients and readers to have an abundant mindset when it comes to money, I also think spending $755 on a medium-size sauce pan is fucking insane. I don't care if your net worth is nine figures, this will never make sense to me.

There's something magical about the Goop guides though. Where else can you find a 24 karat gold necklace THAT'S ALSO A VIBRATOR. That's simply hilarious and brilliant. I was shocked to see it carried only a $149 price tag. This year she's also offering a $6 million private island somewhere off the coast of Belize. Every holiday season, I'm blown away with the nonsensical luxuries featured that only people like Louise Linton would consider purchasing.

To each their own, I suppose. If you really want to give a bottle of Fur Oil (pubic hair conditioner) to a loved one this year, I wish you nothing but joy in doing so.

I won't lie, I rely on gift guides to generate ideas for family and friends during the holidays. I'm absolutely terrible at giving gifts. I always feel sorry for those on my shopping list. Gift guides are a great resource to find unique and personalized suggestions for most difficult gift recipients. That's why I decided to share with you a few of my favorite gift guides that aren't Goop (sorry, no offense, Gwyneth).

So for those of us here on planet Earth and not eating diamonds for breakfast, here are my favorite online gift guides:

1. Washington Post & Consumer Report's Gift Guide

2. Real Simple's Gift Guide

3. Time Out New York's Gift Guide (best for people who live in or around NYC)

4. Food & WIne's Gift Guide

5. Macy's Holiday Gift Guide

6.'s Holiday Gift Guide (Healthy Gift Ideas!)


7. Oprah's Favorite Things!!! (Come on you knew I had to include it!)

Finally, I know you want to give the gift of laughter and financial literacy, so please get your copy of The Millennial's Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together!

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