2018 Short-Term Goals Update!

(Here's a picture of my sister trying to not act disappointed that I didn't eat any cheese or drink any beers in Vermont this weekend.)

In the name of accountability, I'm going to keep you all posted on my progress toward reaching my 2018 goals. But first I need to tell you that I survived the Vermont weekend and did not consume a single beer, piece of cheese, scoop of ice cream, NOTHING. In fact, I went as far as to substitute a hamburger bun with a BED OF KALE. Do you know how big of an asshole I felt like when ordering? Huge. I didn't even know I was capable of that level of will power though. It's nice to know I have the strength to say no to Ben & Jerry. Saying no to Vermont craft beer and ice cream felt similar to rejecting a shirtless Michael B. Jordan. An extremely unpleasant experience. Thank God I was in good company.

I also want to acknowledge that I am really good at things like personal finance and rolling my eyes, but bad at things like common sense. Did you know a cashew is not an de-shelled peanut? Because I did not. And in a very embarrassing moment this weekend, I learned that cashews are, in fact, their own kind of nut. I am an adult woman who did not know this. I felt it was important to share this with all of you. My embarrassment has worn off and I'm now able to laugh at my lack of basic nut knowledge.

Okay, let's get back on track and take a look at where I stand with my 2018 short-term goals. I'm going to be totally honest, and even though I'm friggen whiffing on some of these goals, I'm holding myself accountable.

Professional Goals:

1. Book 20 Speaking Gigs

In January and February I completed four speaking gigs. I also booked four more for later this year, and have 5-10 others I'm waiting to hear back on. I really think I'm going to crush this goal. I have the most confidence in this goal. This one's going surprisingly well.

Shameless plug: if you'd like to me to come teach a financial literacy workshop or speak to your group, email me!

2. Release The Get It Together Financial Guide by February 1st

Nope. Didn't happen. Not even close. The Guide is currently about two months behind schedule, but I've recently kicked my ass into gear. I want to finish writing it in the next two weeks, get it off to an editor in early March, and up on Amazon by the end of next month or early April. Maybe wishful thinking on that, but I'm trying, you guys!!

I didn't come close to hitting this goal, but I'm not beating myself up over it. Writing the goal and sharing it with all of you forced me to be accountable and not give up. Even though I'm way behind schedule, it's going to get done and I'm proud of that.

Shameless plug #2: If you haven't read my first book, check it out here!

3. Increase podcast and blog audience by 100%

Not there yet, but I'm hopeful by the end of the year I'll hit this goal. I have seen a slight uptick in numbers since the start of 2018. I'm optimistic in reaching this goal because I've been able to book some amazing guests lately. We just had on Olympic gold medalist Samantha Livingstone. I'm also scheduled to chat with The Small Business Revolution host Amanda Brinkman...and big news....I have a Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum joining me for an interview soon.

4. Outline a second book by Labor Day

I haven't even thought about this goal to be honest. I think I'll tackle this over the summer.

5. Sell 10,000 copies of my first book

Still have a LONG way to go. I'm really hoping after my TEDx Talk and the new Guide are released, book sales will increase. Since the holiday season ended, sales have been consistently slow. Perhaps I need to do some more innovative marketing.

Personal Goals:

1. Practice meditation daily

I probably meditate twice a week for no more than five minutes each time. Not great. I need to do better. Meditating is super hard and I suck at it, but I've been told all meditation novices suck, so I'm not giving up. Does sleeping in an extra 15 minutes count as meditation? If so, maybe I'm nailing this goal?

2. Write a lot more comedy

I recently finished writing a musical parody and I'm super pumped about it. Once I finish my Guide, I'm going to crank out a few sketches and satire pieces to keep the creative wheels turning. I'd love to submit something to The New Yorker this year. I know my Atlanta comedy group, Sketchworks, has several shows coming up this year. I'll definitely have ample opportunities to write and I can't wait.

3. Become proficient in piano

I've rehearsed about five times in the past two months. Ideally, I'd like to practice 3-5 hours per week. I think I need to actually schedule this into my calendar, otherwise it'll never happen. I'm still terrible and have a long way to go. My goal is to play some Christmas carols for the family next holiday season. I just really want to provide my half-inebriated relatives a holiday sing-a-long.

4. Maintain health

I've actually been crushing this goal. I'm eating clean and exercising almost every day. I look and feel better, so I'm going to try my best to continue the good habits I've developed. Well, until summer hits, and then I'll get back to my steady diet of ice cream and Corona Light. Yay, health!

5. Be a better friend and more thoughtful

I wasn't sure how to go about this goal. How do I quantify and measure this one? Perhaps I should do one kind thing for someone once a week. I think I've been so wrapped up in my own life I've neglected this goal. Again, maybe I just need to schedule this into my calendar?!

Well, that's it for now. How are your 2018 short-term goals coming along? What actions are you going to take to get back on track if you've fallen off course?

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