Life Lessons Featuring Serena Williams

A post in honor of the Queen! Here are a few life lessons Serena has taught us...

You Are Powerful

You have the ability to acquire expertise. You have the confidence within you to do the right thing and the hard things. Your mind, spirit, and body are incredibly resilient and strong.

Never Stop Challenging Yourself

Life is about continual growth and expanding your skill set and knowledge. If you want to reach your full potential, you cannot stop challenging yourself in new ways. Who knows how far you'll go.

Determination is Everything

If you give up every time the going gets tough, you'll never achieve anything worthwhile. Meet every challenge with a fierce determination, no matter the odds.

Enjoy the Ride

We get so caught up in the hustle we don't take nearly enough time to enjoy the scenery and appreciate the journey.

Adopt a Champion Mindset

Embody the spirit of a winner. Winners are not complainers. They out-work and outsmart the competition. They are ready to take on the world. They believe in themselves when no one else does. They love the game and family, friends, and team unconditionally.

None of us can be Serena...but we sure as hell can emulate her tenacity, intensity, and courage.

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